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Our Philosophy

AugustineMonica Films is a Boston-based video production company committed to creating compelling videos for our clients. We achieve this through the masterful use words, voice, image and sound, complemented by a technical command of state-of-the-art equipment. Our mission is to help our clients articulate their vision through a narrative aimed at audience impact, whether they are clients,  would-be donors or the constituency a nonprofit serves.

Our Focus

AugustineMonica Films helps organizations in the public, private and nonprofit sectors, conceive, develop and convey thoughtful and creative messaging that will be memorable and have impact.  Whether it's producing a video for a website, capital campaign or a key client, AugustineMonica Films takes pride in bringing your story to life. Clients rely on us. So, check out our videos below at this website to see what's possible. 

Our Founder

Clennon L. King has more than 30 years experience as a visual storyteller. Having studied law in England, King trained at NYU's Graduate School of Film and Television before spending more a decade honing storytelling skills as an on-air TV  news reporter at network affiliates in Atlanta, Dallas, Miami, Boston, Jacksonville and Mobile. His work has earned national recognition, including an Emmy® nomination, a National Edward R. Murrow® and an award from the National Association of Black Journalists®. Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism also recognized his skills in reporting on race. King brings with him this breadth of experience to serve his clients. 

Non-Profit Video

Client: Mattapan Community Health Center

Total Run Time: 1:42

Breast Cancer Survivor Video

Client: Mattapan Community Health Center

Total Run Time: 1:46

Donor Relations Video

Client: Mattapan Community Health Center

Total Run Time: 3:07

Promotional Event Video

Total Run Time: 1:41

Community Outreach Video

Total Run Time: 5:38

Artist's Marketing Video

Total Run Time: 1:47

Documentary Film Trailer

Passage at St. Augustine is a documentary film about the bloodiest campaign of the Movement that led directly to the passage of the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964, outlawing Jim Crow segregation from coast to coast. 

Cultural Event Coverage

Total Run Time: 2:20

Audition Video

Total Run Time: 2:40 

Doll-Making Workshop Video

Total Run Time: 1:43

Press Release Video

Total Run Time: 1:56

Promotional Event Video #2

Total Run Time: 1:28

Artists' Residency Video

Total Run Time: 4:34

College Admissions Video

Total Run Time: 2:04

Memorial Video Tribute

Total Run Time: 3:07

Multimedia Journalism

The Boston Globe | Story: Night of Reckoning

Click image to read story by Clennon L. King 

The Boston Globe | Photos: Experiencing Slave Quarters

Click image to the right to view photos by Clennon L. King  

The Boston Globe | Video: Overnighting in Slave Quarters

Click image to left to view video by Clennon L. King 


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To learn more on how we can help to your story, and for rate quotes, please contact Clennon L. King at clennon@augustinemonica.com. Thank you. 

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