"Fair Game: Surviving A 1960 Georgia Lynching" (64 min)

In 1960, a Black New Jersey man was sentenced to Georgia's electric chair for a crime he didn't commit. Now, 60 years later, the State of Georgia has reopened the case. Come experience the film that helped change their minds. Click on the trailer  to sample "Fair Game: Surviving  A 1960 Georgia Lynching". 

"Passage at St. Augustine" (60 min)

After the dogs, water hoses and bombings of Birmingham, Dr. King desperately needed a campaign to help pass his landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964. He found what he was looking for in a Florida tourist town that became the bloodiest campaign of the the entire Movement.  Click the trailer to sample "Passage at St. Augustine". 

"MLK's Boston Years" (8 min) plus PowerPoint® Presentation

Few know Boston was the last place Dr. King lived as a private citizen before he entered the world stage at Montgomery. "MLK's Boston Years" (the video and PowerPoint® presentation) takes a granular look at the little-known chapter of the future civil rights leader's life before he became fully formed  - the place where  met his wife, earned his PhD, and returned countless times before Memphis. Click the video to sample "MLK's Boston Years".