MLK'S BOSTON YEARS - A Slideshow and Lecture

Program Offering: A Slideshow & Discussion of MLK's Time in Boston

Clennon L. King presents to MLKBoston at Prince Hall in Grove Hall on March 19, 2018.

In a city as historic as Boston, there are few signs that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. lived, worked and played here before heading to Montgomery. But journalist and documentary filmmaker Clennon L. King reconstructs MLK's life in Boston with his signature hourlong slideshow and discussion program entitled "MLK's Boston Years". The presentation offers a granular look at the civil rights leaders' movements in Boston in the early 1950s and during one of his visits in the mid '60s. Underscored by research, photos and maps, King (no relation), whose father represented the civil rights leader during the historic Albany Movement, presents a compelling PowerPoint to audiences, before leading them in a spirited conversation and Q&A around the vanishing history of one of the greatest men of the 20th Century's time in Boston. 

Listen: "All Things Considered" interview with Journalist Clennon L. King on MLK's time in Boston

"MLK in Boston", "All Things Considered", "Clennon L. King", "Barbara Howard", "WGBH"

Click here to listen to WGBH's Barbara Howards's interview with the Filmmaker, as he details landmarks where King was in Boston.

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"MLK's Boston Years", "Clennon L. King", "Martin Luther King, Jr.", "Coretta Scott King", "South End", "Roxbury", "New England Conservatory of Music", "Boston University"

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