What We Do

Video Production Services

AugustineMonica Films is an Atlanta-based full-service video production house committed to creating compelling videos for a wide range of clients, particularly non-profits serving communities of color. Our strong suit is memorable storytelling, something we achieve through masterful use voice, image, sound and wordsmithing. Our goal is to help translate your vision, so that your video's messaging will have the impact and yield the results you expect. If you're considering a project, please visit our "Featured" Videos page, and explore other videos that can be viewed under the Video/Photo Samples dropdown on our Home page. We welcome you being in touch with any questions you have about a project - whether it's a tribute, a fundraiser, a marketing effort, a memorial or a TV spot. Thank you.

Diversity Programming

     AugustineMonica Films also offers powerful diversity programming that has been booked by universities, nonprofits, governmental agencies and the private sector from Seattle to South Florida.  If your organizations goal is to have a thoughtful conversation around race and social justice or you're looking for interactive program to celebrate  MLK Day, Black History Month or Women's History Month, our two-hour documentary and discussion program will no doubt prove to be a great fit.

     In the racially-charged environment America currently finds itself, this culturally rich program offering is timely, and serves as a thoughtful point of departure for education and illumination around the awkward and tricky topic of race. Audiences invariably leave enlightened, encouraged and inspired. We invite you to visit our Diversity Programming page to learn more. Thank you.