Letter Appealing To Ga. Governor To Reopen Case

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Governor Brian P. Kemp

Office of the Governor

203 Capitol Pl SW

Atlanta, GA 30334

Dear Governor Kemp:

           I am writing to you requesting that you reopen the 60-year-old rape and murder case of Yvonne Armelia Holmes. Ms. Holmes was an 8-year-old Black girl whose body was found behind the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bunzie and Frances Holmes in Blakely, Georgia on Saturday, May 14, 1960. 

          Within hours, Blakely police arrested an innocent Black New Jersey Navy veteran, and within three days - with no autopsy, fingerprints, mugshot, physical evidence, court transcript, jury present or lawyer to defend him -  Pataula Circuit Court Judge Walter I. Geer sentenced Mr. James Fair, Jr. to Georgia electric chair. 

          Twenty-six months later, after multiple court appearances including before the U.S. District Court in Macon and the Georgia Supreme Court, Fair was granted a new trial, before the case was ultimately dropped by the very Judge who sentenced Fair to death. The matter was styled The State of Georgia v James Fair, Jr. Case #542 (murder) and Case #543 (rape) in the Superior Court of Early County, Ga.

       Obviously, the State of Georgia did not do its job where it concerns ensuring justice in the death of Yvonne Holmes. And so, I am asking that you, as Georgia's Governor, do what's necessary to reopen this case and get to the bottom of what really happened to this child. Georgia deserves this. Early County and Blakely, Georgia deserve this. Mr. Fair deserves this. The American public deserves it.

      Thank you. 

Sincerely Yours, 

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